*Available in multiple colors

The first ever 100% compostable isolation gown

Say hello to the BioGown®. A fully compostable, single SKU solution that replaces traditional plastic gowns. 

Using nature to better protect the environment - inside and outside. That’s what we call a win-win.

Seamless implementation for your organization and the planet



Traditional Plastics

Good for the Earth

USA Manufactured

Customizable Sizing

One SKU Solution

AAMI Barrier Rating

Meets FDA Standards

Reduce your carbon footprint through a reduction in greenhouse gases and contribution to soil health. BioGown® not only keeps you safe, but also shines a message of hope to staff and patients - a hope of a greener, healthier planet. 

Creating a greener community doesn’t have to cost more.

Sustainably manufactured, our fabric is certified by the world's most respected biodegradable certification organizations in compliance with US ASTM standards. With BioGown®, enjoy the protection of mother nature, proven science, and American Made manufacturing.

Certified by the highest industry standards

With our factory on American soil, reap the benefits of a more dependable supply chain.

Comprised of starch and biodegradable polymers, our gown is strong, breathable and comfortable during use. It also boasts a shelf life of at least nine months from the date of delivery.

Made from Cornstarch

Proudly Made in North Carolina

Manufactered in Charlotte, North Carolina