Due to its natural barrier protection rating of Level 3 AAMI PB70, the BioGown® is a "one SKU" solution for your organization. Choose your donning and sizing based on your specific needs. Using BioGown® across Level 1 to Level 3 protection rated environments can help streamline your supply chain while improving your bottom line.

The One SKU Solution

With a compostable liner made from the same materials, we’ll position as many bins as you need for easy disposal. For Free.

Let us take care of the learning curve. We’ll show your staff how to dispose of the gown. Its easy, we promise.

2. Staff Training

1. Bin Installation

Straightforward and Easy Implementation

Rest assured that your shipment is eco-friendly.

We will pick up your used gowns and deliver them to our commercial composting facility, where the gowns will be decomposed into nutrient rich soil. The resulting soil belongs to you!

4. Weekly Pick-up

3. Carbon Neutral Delivery

Using your soil, we will grow and deliver fresh flowers to your facilities.

Flowers for Your Patients

Enrich the health of your landscaping or gardens for the benefit of your organization.

Your Organization's Landscaping

Help support the soil that feeds your community by donating to a community garden.

Local Community Gardens

Where does the soil go? You decide.

Not ready to have used your compostable gowns collected? No problem. Simply dispose of them as regular trash. 

The half loop option